Distinctiveness of AIT


The background of origination of Adichunchanagiri institute of Technology, Chikkamagaluru, is itself distinctive in nature. Our Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust Founder Chairman Paramapoojya Jagadguru Padmabhushana Sri Sri Sri Dr Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji, 71st Pontiff of Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Mutt, an ancient (2000 years old) spiritual institution of Karnataka. PoojyaMahaSwamiji believed that Gyana (Knowledge) and Karma (Dutifulness) which are the salvation paths of human beings. Based on this philosophy, instead of building only the temples, PoojyaMahaswamiji opened affordable educational institutes across the state specifically in rural parts.AIT is one such institute started in rural area of Chikkamagaluru, with the inclusion and support of local community aimed to provide quality engineering education to the poor and deprived sections of the society.At Present Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust running more than 475 educational institutes as mahagyanayagna included Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, Pre-university, UG-PG, Engineering, Medical (Modern medicine, Ayurvedic), Skill oriented courses, Research institutes, Hospitals and ancient Vedic and spiritual courses, across the nation and also having global presence in recent past and  more than 1,25,000 students are being benefited through these temples of learning.  Sri SriSriMahaswamiji social consciousness is also led the Trust to start Blind residential schools, Orphanages, Cow shelters, Cultural & Folk lore festivals, Protection & encouragement of rural traditions, customs, rituals etc.  As a founder of KaranatakaVanasamvardhana Trust ® Sri SriMahaswamiji contributed for plantation of more than 5 crore saplings across the state.  Akshara (Education), Anna (Food) and Aarogya (Health) dasoha (Service) is routine and regular service of the Sri AdichunchanagiriMahasamsthana Mutt. For the contributions of PoojyaMahaSwamiji, The Govt of India honoured him with third highest civilian award Padma Bhushan in the year 2010. The Successor of Sri SriSriDr.BalagangadharanathaMahaswamiji and 72nd Pontiff of  SriAdichunchanagiriMahasamsthana Mutt, Sri SriSriNirmalandanathaMahaswamiji – is a gold medalist in M.Tech from IIT-Chennai, leading the trust from the front to continue the rich legacy founded by his predecessor. In continuation of the values propounded by the Mutt, Sri SriSriMahaswamiji constituted BGS VidyaNidhi ( A fund to honor the toppers of SSC & PUC), Jyan-Vigyana-TanthragyanaMela (an annual exhibition of Knowledge, Science &Technology) to stress the integration of Science and technology with spirituality among young students of the state. The award Vignatham also constituted to honor the achievers in various fields. ChunchandriKalothsava is another such event, where students from AST institution can participate and showcase their talents in Indian Arts & culture, and be awarded.

The basement of AIT is stood on the value system propounded and guided by our great saints. AIT is proudly claims that, we also part of contributing and continuing the rich philosophy of our founders towards service of human kind – especially in the field of Technical education.Some of the highlighted contributions of our institute towards society,keep us very much distinctivewith other players in the industry.

  1. Rich Experience of the Institute – First engineering college promoted by our trust started in the year 1980, our institute is 40+ years old and one of the premium technical institute of Karnataka.
  2. Employee Loyalty – A generation started their service with AIT in 1980, at various levels worked with the institution till their retirement. Even in today’s world of opportunities and no loyalty attitude this feature is continuing by current generation employees.  This rare feature distinct us with other counterparts of our industry.
  3. Student – Teacher relationships:  Because of the empathetical approach guided by our philosophy, and attitude building of our students apart from training of knowledge and skill, there is zero conflict environment in the campus among all the stakeholders.  Students have the freedom of expression related to their issues, and faculty have the privilege to guide their students towards righteousness.
  4. TeachingLearning Achievements : 98% of End results, More than 160+ University ranks, 90% of placements among eligible showcase our strength of our teaching learning processes.
  5. Huge Alumni Base :  as 40 years old of institution, AIT is having the huge alumni base spread across the globe (Wherever you go you find an AIT alumni).  Our alumni’s are Academicians, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Business leaders, Farmers, Service contractors, Spiritual leaders, Technocrats, Beaurocrats, Administrators, Political Leaders, and Philanthropists so on.  As a whole they all good human beings serving and contributing to the societies where they lived in. They also very supportive to the institution in terms by providing skill orientation session, Academic Expert session, Industry expert session, Internships, Placements, Event Sponsorships, Merit & Poor student Scholarship, suggestions & feedback on institute policies.  One of our Alumni also started a start-up company in the campus to train the students with internships and projects.  This is the result of value system we are practicing at the behest of our foundation.
  6. Jyan-Vigyana-TanthragyanaMela : This annual forum created for our students by our Trust, gives greater opportunity to create and exhibit their innovations & creations with the help science and technology, is comparatively a unique one.  Our students exhibits, Projects got laurel from the visitors and boost the morale and confidence of our students.
  7. Green Campus with learning ambience and safety: No doubt, Located in Chikkamagaluru (Malnad region), recognized as 2nd best place to live by UN,   our 58 acres of the campus surrounded by green hills, with well maintained lawns, natural gardens and state of art infrastructure with ICT tools having the boutique impression and positive impact on motivational learning.  Electronic Surveillance system added safety feature to the campus.  Simply to say Every AITan feels “Our campus – Our Pride”.
  8. Eco friendly Environment:  AIT campus developed by keeping in view the concept of environmental sustainability.  Maintained that built area doesn’t affect the environment. The campus includes 30 acres of naturally grown forest and institution adding additional 500 – 1000 saplings every year to the existing as part of our social responsibility.  We have check dams for water conservation, Good sewage system, Bio-diesel plant meant for our emission less transport system, Solar lightings, and our hostels supporting bio-fertilizer plant in a village promoted by a progressive farmer by supplying food waste.