The transformation in Higher/Professional Education in general and the higher/professional education pedagogy in particular, has been dramatic over the last few decades. The student today is an active participant in the education process. Students are increasingly encouraged to be reflexive and thoughtful learners. It has become imperative for educational institutions to redesign and reorient their strategies to cater to these vibrant revolutions. With such dynamic changes at bay in a student and the learning process, institutions like ours are constantly evolving to devise new and innovative ways to address these diverse changes.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the Institution is a place where:

  • solutions to coping with these dynamic changes originate,
  • where processes are drawn to implement these solutions and,
  • the outcomes of the ideas and implementations are effectively measured
  • IQAC not only devices, directs and measures quality at various levels but also aims to channelize all efforts and measures of the institution towards promoting holistic excellence in all fields.

The term “assurance” signifies the act of giving confidence and making certain that the specified quality parameters have been fulfilled. A great idea amounts to nothing if it cannot be carried through, and the IQAC aims to carry through and implement all the great ideas that come its way by showing a high level of commitment to the three tenets of Quality Assurance- Control, Competence, and Excellence.

The institution has constituted IQAC as per NAAC guidelines, giving representation to all the concerned stakeholders; we have also designated faculty / staff coordinators for all the departments. Meetings are being conducted as per a planned calendar, to discuss and recommend on quality initiatives in different administrative and academic activities, follow up action and reporting there on are being promptly adhere to. With the participation of all the stake holders and representatives on IQAC, we are confident of accomplishing higher standards of excellence in all spheres of education and administration in our institution.