Grievance Redressal Cell Committee


Grievance Redressal System is a vital part of any administration. It is the responsibility of the College Administration to provide a secure and contented environment to all its Staff and Students. The Grievance Redressal Committee has been formed in the College as per the UGC guidelines to redress the grievances of both the staff and the students. Since the inception of the college, the Committee has been under the direct purview of the Principal.

The grievances received by the Principal are forwarded to the concerned Committee members who look in to the problems depending upon the seriousness of the issue.

The Committee has been continuously striving to take the best efforts possible to create a harmonious and conducive atmosphere to everyone in question.

Functions of the Grievance Redressal Committee

  • To accept written grievances from students and staff related to the system.
  • To create and implement a mechanism to handle the reported grievances.
  • To forward the findings to the Management if necessary for further action.
  • To listen, record and scrutinize the grievances submitted to them by the Staff and Students and take necessary steps immediately.
  • To attend to the grievances based on the authenticity and gravity of the criticisms made.
  • To represent the grievances to the concerned section which may include maintenance, transport, academic, amenities etc.
  • To convene periodical meetings to discuss whether the grievances have been settled.
  • To make a follow-up of these matters at regular intervals till their final disposal.
  • To maintain strict confidentiality, if necessary.
Sl No. Name of the member Designation   Phone number
1 Dr. C T Jayadeva Principal Chair Person 9448665711
2 Sri Mohan K G C Member Member 9448004854
3 Mrs. Thara B K HOD, Dept.of Mathematics Member 8762714805
4 Dr.Goutham M A HOD, Dept.of E&C Member 9448554971
5 Dr. M Rame Gowda HOD, Dept.of Civi Engg. Member 9448972015
6 Dr. M L Mallikarjuna HOD, Dept.of Physics Member 9449701323
7 Dr. N D Dinesh HOD, Dept.of Chemistry Member 9448422020
8 Dr. S Sampath HOD, Dept.of IS&E Member 9341013052
9 Dr. G M Sathyanarayana HOD, Dept.of Mech.Engg Member 9449801900
10 Dr. G R Veerendra HOD, Dept.of E&E Engg Member 9448945198
11 Dr. Pushpa HOD, Dept.of CS&E Member 9483523386
12 Dr. Sunitha M R Professor,CS&E Member 9844166489
13 Dr. Jagadish Chandra A P Professor, E&C Member 9448759176
14 Dr. Taranath N L Asst.Prof.Dept.of CS&E Member 9448658482
15 Mr. Devananda H M Asst.Prof.MBA Member 9480280395
16 Mr. Suchith Kumar M T Asst.Prof. Dept.of Mech. Engg Member 9844553995
17 Mr. Joysun D’souza Asst.Prof.Dept.of E&E Engg Member 8105134858

All the students enrolled at Adichunchanagiri Institute of technology have the right to appeal any academic matter in which they feel that they have been treated unfairly. Examples of student problems: Disputes over Grades, Course Requirements, Faculty or Staff Conduct, Fines, and Administrative Policies and Procedures.

If any problem arises and is not resolved informally, students may file a grievance with the College Grievance Redressal Cell (CGRC) of the College. Any type of student complaint or problem may be presented to the SGC for official review. The campus hearing body follows a set of formal procedures as per UGC Guidelines. A Student Representative (Ombudsman) will assist students in presenting their cases along with the guidance of the members of the committee as well. The deadline for filing any kind of grievance is the last day of the concerned semester, post the semester during which the incident occurred. Decisions made by the SGC are not appealable.

The SGC does not lend itself to quick solutions, so a resolution at a lower level is always more desirable. Attempts at such a resolution are required before the committee will accept a case. Paperwork is available in the office.

Any student who wishes to file a grievance can contact the chairperson of the College Grievance Redressal Cell (CGRC) in the college office.