SC/ST/OBC/Minority Committee

A Committee for Grievance Redressal for the prevention of caste-based discrimination is constituted in accordance with the requirements as per UGC communication. The following members are appointed to look into the caste-based discrimination complaints of students and staff in our college:

Sl No. Name of the member Designation   Phone number
1 Dr. C T Jayadeva Principal Chair Person 9448665711
2 Sri Mohan K G C Member Member 9448004854
3 Mrs. Thara B K HOD, Dept.of Mathematics Member 8762714805
4 Dr.Goutham M A HOD, Dept.of E&C Member 9448554971
5 Dr. M Rame Gowda HOD, Dept.of Civi Engg. Member 9448972015
6 Dr. M L Mallikarjuna HOD, Dept.of Physics Member 9449701323
7 Dr. N D Dinesh HOD, Dept.of Chemistry Member 9448422020
8 Dr. S Sampath HOD, Dept.of IS&E Member 9341013052
9 Dr. G M Sathyanarayana HOD, Dept.of Mech.Engg Member 9449801900
10 Dr. G R Veerendra HOD, Dept.of E&E Engg Member 9448945198
11 Dr. Pushpa HOD, Dept.of CS&E Member 9483523386
12 Dr.Prakash Rao K S HOD,MBA Member 9449781179
13 Dr. Masood Asst.Prof.Dept.of Mech.Engg Member 7795169686
14 Mr.Vivekananda Asst.Prof.Dept.of CS&E/ SWO Member 9880112020
15 Mr. Syed Nizamuddin Asst.Prof.Dept.of Chemistry Member 9900881141
16 Mr.Adarsh M J Asst.Prof.Dept.of CS&E Member 9886665586
17 Mr. Sanjay D S Asst.Prof.Dept.of CS&E Member 9632814609
18 Mr. Chandra Naik G Asst.Prof.Dept.of CS&E Member 9632685843
19 Mr. Joysun D’souza Asst.Prof.Dept.of E&E Engg Member 8105134858
20 Mrs. Anitha H R Office Member 8317493441

Objectives of the committee:-

  • The Committee shall ensure prompt disposal of grievances/representations of SC/ST/OBC/Minority students and staff.
  • To suggest/devise mechanism to prevent any act of discrimination against SC/ST/OBC/Minority students and staff of the college on grounds of their social origin.
  • To suggest/devise mechanism to prevent indulgence of employees in any kind of discrimination against students and staff belongings to SC/ST/OBC/Minority categories.