College Internal Complaint Committee (CICC)


The main objective of CICC is to prevent discrimination and sexual harassment, by promoting harmony and  creating awareness among employees and students.


  1. Familiarize with the guidelines and circulars issued by Governing bodies (such as the Supreme Court, UGC, DTE Karnataka, and VTU) at various stages related to acts of discrimination and sexual harassment at the workplace.
  2. Organise orientation programmes to empower the members of CICC
  3. Organise workshops and awareness programmes at regular intervals to sensitise the employee and students in the college.
  4. Display the names and contact numbers of the chairperson and members on the college website and on the notice board of the college.
  5. Display the penal consequences of harassment at noticeable places in the college.
  6. The committee shall meet once a year (beginning of the academic year) and as and when necessary
Sl No. Name of the member Designation  
1 Dr. C T Jayadeva Principal Chair Person
2 Dr. G M Sathyanarayana HOD, Dept.of Mech.Engg Member
3 Dr. M Rame Gowda HOD, Dept.of Civi Engg. Member
4 Dr. Goutham M A HOD, Dept.of E&C Member
5 Dr. Anil Kumar C Assot.Prof. Dept.of E&C Engg Member
6 Dr. M L Mallikarjuna HOD, Dept.of Physics Member
7 Dr. Pushpa HOD, Dept.of CS&E Member
8 Dr. S Sampath HOD, Dept.of IS&E Member
9 Dr.Kiran B M Assot.Prof. Dept.of Civil Engg Member
10 Dr. Prakash Rao K S HOD,MBA Member
11 Mrs. Thara B K HOD, Dept.of Mathematics Member
12 Dr. Sunitha M R Professor,CS&E Member
13 Mr.B G Karumbaiah Assot.Prof. Dept.of Mech. Engg Member
14 Mrs.Kavitha K M Asst.Prof.Dept.of  E&E Engg Member
15 Mr.Vinaya K U Asst.Prof. Dept.of Mathematics Member
16 Mr.Praveen Kumar S Physical Director Member
17 All Wardens& Supervisors AIT Hostels Member