BE, M. Tech

Raghukumar B S

Raghukumar B S

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, AIT Campus, AIT, Jyothinagara, Chikkamagluru 577 102


Qualification Specialization In the Year
B.E E&C 2011
M.TEch Digital Electronics and communication Systems 2014
(Ph.D) Image Processisng  

Professional Body Membership

  • ISCA
  • IEEE

Research Interest



Title of the paper presented Title of Conference, Seminar, etc. (Whether International/National/State/Regional/Univ. or College Level) Date(s) of the event Organized by API Score Annexure No. of Proof Enclosed
Comparision Analysis of Feature Extraction from the ECG Reports International Conference on Smart Modernistic in Electronics and Communication ICSMEC-2020 29-30 June 2020 St. Martin’s Engineering College, Dhulapally, Secunderabad, Telangana State
Design and developmentof Wearable Antena integrated with RF Transreceiver for health monitoring system 2020 5th international conference on Recent Trends on Electronics, Information, Communication & Technology 12.11.2020 – 13.11.2020 SVCE, BENGALURU    
Investigation and Feature Extraction of Heart Attack from the ECG Graph Reports 2021 IEEE Mysore Sub Section International Conference (MysuruCon) 24-25 October 2021 Navkis College of Engineering, Hassan DOI: 10.1109/MysuruCon52639.2021.9641604
Simplified Agrirobot For Modern Agricultural Techniques Using IoT 2021 IEEE International Conference on Mobile Networks and Wireless Communications (ICMNWC) 03-04 December 2021 SSIT Tumkur    DOI: 10.1109/ICMNWC52512.2021.9688543
Investigation of Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder through Statistical Analysis 2021 IEEE International Conference on Mobile Networks and Wireless Communications (ICMNWC) 03-04 December 2021 SSIT Tumkur    DOI: 10.1109/ICMNWC52512.2021.9688462


Title with page no. Journal ISBN/ISBN No. Whether peer peer reviewed? Impact factor if any? No. of Co- authors Whether you are you are the main author? API Score Annexure No. of Proof Enclosed
Grading of Rice Grains by Image Processing IJSRD – International Journal for Scientific Research & Development ISSN: 2321-0613 Yes 4.396 1 yes
Identification of Soil Moisture Variation Due To Fertilizers Using Transistor for Irrigation Monitoring IJIR- Imperial Journal of interdisciplinary research ISSN:2454-1362. Yes 4.49 0 yes
A Survey on QBIC System for ECG Reports Industrial Engineering Journal ISSN: 2581 – 4915 Yes 2.02 1 yes
Analysis on CBIR System for ECG Reports ” International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology ISSN: 2249 – 8958 Yes 5.97 1 yes
Comparison analysis of feature extraction from ecg graph reports SHODH SARITA ISSN 2348-2397 Yes 2.02 1 yes
Myocardial Infarction Statistical Analysis Using ECG Reports Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology ISSN 1671 – 4512 Yes 0.49 1 No


No. of days Title of the workshop From date To Date Organized by
5 “Amazon Web Services” 22/8/2022 27/08/2022 Dept. of CS&E, Proudhadevaraya Institute of Technology,HOSAPETE in collaboration with BRAINOVISION SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT.LTD & ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION – AICTE
1 Quality Management in technical institutions 19-11-2022   vidya Jyothi institute of Technology Hyderabad
1 Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 27/01/2020   Adichunchanagiri University
1 Significance of Intellectual Property Rights and Innovations  10-3-2020   BGS Institute of Technology, BG Nagar, Adichunchanagiri University
1 IEEE Reference Management Tool for Research articles and thesis writing 20/04/2020   IEEE Bangalore section Researches Forum
5 Concepts methods challenges and future directions in medical image analysis and machine learning 10-8-2020 14/08/2020 SJCE, JSS S&TU, Mysuru 
3 Qualitative Research Methods- A Guidance for Research Career 15-02-2021 17-02-2021 National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
1 TEACHING METHODOLOGIES 2-7-2016   Sri Kalabhyraveswara polytechnic hesaragatta Bangalore
1 Faculty training program 18/10/2016   Sri Jagadguru balagangadaranatha swamiji polytechnic BG NAGAR
2 “DATA SCIENCE AND NETWORKING” 25-08-2022 27-08-2022 Rajeev Institute of Technology, Hassan
1 Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G and beyond” organized by Department of Electronics and communication Engineering 10-6-2020   Global Academy of Technology Bangalore
1 Forensic crime detection –Signature verification Process 12-6-2020   Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Bangalore 
2 Research: what one must know about it 25/07/2020  26/07/2020  Dept of Library and information center, BCE, Shravanabelagola
1 Artificial Intelligence Programming using MATLAB  9-4-2020   CoreEL Technologies, India
1 How to file patent, Copyright and trademark     Research circle, India
5 Mathematical Foundation of Data Science and Its Applications     Global academy of Technology, Bangalore
5 Research opportunities in signal processing 13/07/2020 17/07/2020 Dept of Electronics and communication Engineering,  VVCE, Mysuru 
5 Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics 6-7-2020 10-07-2020 Dept of Electronics and communication Engineering,  VVCE, Mysuru 
5 Data Sciences 20/10/2020 24/10/2020 Ramakrishna mission Educational and research Institute
5 Artificial Intelligence 7-12-2020 11-12-2020 Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal
16 Application of Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) using MATLAB 14-12-2020   30-12-2020 IFET College of Engineering, Villupuram
14 Computer Vision and Image Processing: Research Issues, Innovation and Application 30-12-2020 13-01-2021 Dept of Electronics and communication Engineering,  PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul 
5 Artificial Intelligence 4-1-2021 08-01-2021 GSSS Institute of Engineering and Technology for women Mysore
14 Machine Learning Techniques for Imaging and Healthcare with Python 28-01-2021 10-02-2021 SAI RAM Engineering college, Chennai
5 Machine learning and Optimization 22-02-2021 27-02-2021 AHALIA School of Engineering and Technology, Palakkad
1 Personality Development 6-3-2021   IEEE Mysore Sub Section in Association with IEEE Bangalore Section 
5 Fine Tune Your Research Planning 22-03-2021 26-03-2021 Palakkad Kerala
5 Essential Skills and Technologies for Quality Research 30-03-2021 03-04-2021 Library and Information Center, P. E. S. College of Engineering, Mandya, Karnataka.
15 Research Perspective on AI, ML, Data Science &IoT 17-05-2021 05-06-2021 KL College of Engineering, Guntur
5 Recent Trends In Digital Image Processing 7-6-2021 11-06-2021 Poornima Institute of Engineering &Technology
5 Developing Effective Research Skills 9-8-2021 13-08-2021 Library and Information Center, P. E. S. College of Engineering Mandya.
5 Research Support Services in Academic Institutions 24-08-2021 28-08-2021 AYUSH CENTRAL LIBRARY Dayalbagh Educational Institute.(Deemed University) Dayalbagh, Agra
5 Ability Enhamcement Course in Electronics and Communication Engineering 12-9-2022 16/09/2022 Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering SJB Institute of Technology Bangalur Karnataka
1 IEEE Conference Organiser Education Workshop(COEW-2022) 10-4-2022   IEEE Bangalore section, IEEE Mysore section,IEEE Mangalur Section and IEE North Karnataka subsection(NKSS)
5 Advances in Signal Processing 4-4-2022 08-04-2022 Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering ,Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering, Mylavaram,Krishna District
1 Two Dimensional Nanostructures for Energy Conversion and Storage Applications 24/12/2021   Adichunchnagiri University
1 The NF-kB system in Life and Death 18/02/2022   Adichunchnagiri University
1 Research and Clinical Application of Flowcytometry 17/12/2021   Adichunchnagiri University
1 Hirerchical Geolites:Preparation Pathways and Potential applications 26/11/2021   Adichunchnagiri University
5 Advances of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Societal Development 16-08-2021 20-08-2021 Uttarakhand Open University
5 Data Sciences 19-01-2021 23-01-2021 GLOBAL ACADEMY OF TECHNOLOGY.

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